In the era of the paperless office, it seems logical that the conference room should follow suit. The use of laptops, tablets and wall-mounted screens already help to eliminate the need for printed handouts and documents. However, the independence of using such devices chokes the ease at which colleagues should collaborate. When designing the ultimate conference room table, what would you envisage? This question was asked of the product development team at Itoki: in response, they crafted a table-top touch screen: the Face-Up. 

Benefitting this product is Zytronic’s 48 inch ZyBrid sensor and ZXY200 multi-touch controller that supports up to 40 independent touch points; rapid touch detection was selected. At Itoki’s request, Zytronic designed the touch sensor with broad, white printed borders to allow users space to rest notepads, cups and more, and an anti-glare etched glass surface to facilitate smooth finger gliding during use.

Toshiya Nishimori, a member of Itoki’s ICT solution development team, comments: “We design tomorrow. We design work style, and our table is a fusion with computing technology and office furniture that could not have been realised in the past. It allows for many opinions to be aired during meetings and shortens the time it takes for certain jobs like information sharing, planning and creating, editing or sending documents. During the development phase, we checked and verified touch panels from many companies. There are few touch sensors that match our requirements and I believe that being able to partner with Zytronic has led to the improved value for our customers.”

For more information on Zytronic’s multi-touch sensor technology, click here.