Yokogawa and Sensire have come to an agreement: Yokogawa will take a stake of six million Euros in Sensire, for a working collaboration within the cold chain monitoring field, combining Yokogawa’s respectable IoT architecture and services with Sensire’s cold chain temperature monitoring solutions. 

Sensire offers a full range of specialised temperature monitoring solutions: the cold chain is an area of particular interest for the company. Sensire’s compact and power efficient temperature sensors collect and transmit temperature data to the cloud for access from PCs and mobile devices. Supporting a range of wireless communication protocols suitable for land, sea, and air transport applications, Sensire’s solutions ensure access to continuous real-time monitoring data that delivers vital quality and compliance information when and where it is needed.

Having taken a 35.2 per cent stake in Sensire, Yokogawa is now this company’s largest shareholder. Utilising Yokogawa’s know-how and global network, the two companies will work together to develop new temperature monitoring solutions for the cold chain and other logistics services, expanding this business as a result.

Tsuyoshi Abe, a Yokogawa senior vice president and head of the company’s marketing headquarters, commented, “Under its Transformation 2020 mid-term business plan, Yokogawa is now exploring new business models such as recurring revenue, while also aiming to expand its business in the pharmaceutical and food fields. I am convinced that Sensire’s solutions will accelerate these efforts, and I trust that we will be able to deliver new value to applications where precise temperature control is critical by combining the technologies of both companies.”

JP Asikainen, founder and CEO of Sensire, added, “I believe that this collaboration with Yokogawa will provide us an opportunity to expand the business globally and ensure the transition to the next-generation of cloud architecture. We look forward to making the latest and best cold chain solutions available to customers in a broader range of industries and applications.”

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