XMOS has announced its VocalFusion development kit for Amazon AVS, a far-field 2-mic solution optimised for smart TVs and set-top boxes, enabling manufacturers to embed a voice interface into mass-market smart TVs and set-top boxes economically.

Developed in the UK and purpose-built for modern living spaces, XMOS’ next generation acoustic algorithms produce a compelling experience in far-field voice control, opening the door to a more natural conversation with technology. 


Working intelligently to analyse the acoustic environment, XMOS technology identifies and isolates a voice command from every other sound in the room (including any media streaming through the device itself), enabling far-field voice capture with close range precision.

“Giving people the freedom to control the TV with their voice from anywhere in the room, is a more natural experience – you simply tell your TV what you want to watch.” said Mark Lippett, CEO, XMOS. “Our new far-field voice processor gives developers an easy to implement solution, at a very compelling price.”


For a demonstration of the product, click here