Xilinx and SK Telecom have announced that SK Telecom has adopted Xilinx’s Alveo Datacenter accelerator cards to power a real-time AI-based physical intrusion and theft detection service. SK Telecom’s AI inference accelerator (AIX) implemented on Xilinx Alveo cards provides efficient and accurate physical intrusion detection using deep neural networks. ADT CAPS, South Korea’s second largest physical security company, licenses and commercially deploys the physical intrusion detection service.

“In the era of Artificial Intelligence where new services are being deployed at unprecedented rates, we keep pursuing to innovate our cloud systems to deliver more value to our customers with more reliable and efficient services across diverse segments,” said Park Jin-hyo, chief technology officer and head of ICT, R&D centre of SK Telecom: “AIX in collaboration with Xilinx represents one of our efforts to streamline the cloud system for AI services. 


The commercial deployment of Xilinx Alveo cards in SK Telecom’s data centre for AI services builds upon the announcement and success of SK Telecom’s automated speech-recognition (ASR) application powered by Xilinx FPGAs to accelerate NUGU, a voice-activated assistant.


“This represents an important win in the commercial AI services space and builds upon our collaboration with SK Telecom to significantly improve theft detection and prevention, where our leadership in real-time compute and analysis helps to promote AI-based services to the South Korea market,” said Donna Yasay, vice president of marketing, data centre group, at Xilinx: “The adaptability, low latency and high throughput delivered by our Alveo accelerators makes them ideally suited for the visual AI inference workloads in the T view service.”


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