Tested for ingress to IP67 and impact resistance to IK08, the X series range of heavy-duty enclosures are designed to protect.

Available in over 100 product SKU’s, manufactured in polycarbonate and ABS and sized to suit your IoT, control and electronics applications, there are options suited to protecting your product.

The X6 is most suited for use in cabling systems with metric ‘knockouts’ provided for efficient installation. When fitted with the relevant cable gland, the enclosure’s IP rating is retained, allowing power conduit and data or signal cables to be fixed to suit ‘on site’ conditions.

With no special tools required and the inclusion of inserts for DIN Rail mounting designed in, the range ensures a flexible installation whilst not compromising the housing’s mechanical integrity.

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Through reinforced corners, the X7 provides increased protection, making it suitable for harsh outdoor and factory/industrial environments. With its large internal space for DIN Rail mounting, the X7 is perfect for power systems, IoT smart devices and wireless cloud equipment. The smallest size (80 x 80 x 60) is a recent addition to the range; a customer needed to comply with new lift legislations and needed a small enclosure to house a sensor.

Mechanically strong and robust, the X7 enclosure is surface mountable by screwing down through the lid mounts, or by purchasing a wall mount kit.

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Compliant to IP67 certification, with the X8 your internal electronics remain dry and protected from dust and dirt, no matter what environment they will be used in. A foam gasket becomes pressured once the lid is in place and secure, keeping out the elements.

Ideally suited to DIN Rail mounted components, they are a flexible solution for machine to machine controls, human interface equipment, or panel built electrical systems in industrial settings. Clear lids are available in hinged and locking formats and in either UL94-V0 polycarbonate or ABS, providing rugged and hardwearing protection to your equipment. The dual door accessory is designed to allow components such as buttons, display and switches to be mounted directly onto the internal door. The series features a wide range of sizes from 260x110x75mm to 830x630x285mm.

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