X-Fab Silicon Foundries SE has announced that it is broadening the scope of its cooperation with the Europractice Consortium, which counts high-profile institutions such as Fraunhofer and imec as members.

Initiated by the European Commission almost 25 years ago, the main objective of Europractice is to provide industry and research establishments with a platform for advanced, highly-integrated microelectronic systems that can be developed with much smaller entry barriers. The leading-edge engineering institutes that make up this consortium span across the European Union, with locations in Germany, Belgium, France, the UK and Ireland. 

With the expansion of its participation in the programme, X-Fab will be able to provide MPW runs for a wider selection of technologies. These will include, for example, the company’s XH035 0.35µm high-voltage process and its XR013 0.13µm RF SOI process for advanced RF applications. It will also cover the utilisation of an array of unique supporting software tools that facilitate IC design and implementation procedures to enable first-time-right design.

“Thanks to the extensive ‘More-than-Moore’ technology portfolio that the company has built up and its strong European presence, X-Fab continues to be a valued foundry partner for the Europractice program,” adds Dr. Romano Hoofman, programme director, imec innovation services and general manager, Europractice: “We greatly appreciate the flexibility and creativity shown by its technical team in these MPW projects, and are looking forward to this next stage of our collaboration.”

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