Winbond, supplier of semiconductor memory solutions, has launched their new flash memory product, the NAND+LPDDR4x multi-chip package, operating at 1.8V with 2Gb+2Gb die. It is hoped that it will provide sufficient memory capacity for 5G cellular modems, for use in domestic and business environments. 

While mobile 5G modems typically require larger memory densities, static 5G CPE modems can operate effectively with memory capacities of 2Gb NAND/2Gb DRAM. By integrating this memory combination into a compact single package, Winbond’s W71NW20KK1KW enables 5G modem manufacturers to meet the system requirements of CPE units at the lowest possible cost. 

Wilson Huang, product marketing manager at Winbond, said: “The 2Gb+2Gb MCP from Winbond is ideal for the cellular market’s next phase of growth as it starts to install static 5G CPE units at homes and offices…customers ordering the W71NW20KK1KW MCP in production volumes can rely 100% on Winbond’s assurances of supply quantities and schedules, quality and service.”

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