With the UK set to leave the EU at 11 pm tonight, Ritam Gandhi, director and founder of Studio Graphene, discusses what Brexit will mean for the UK’s tech sector.

Ritam said “The day has finally arrived. For some, Brexit Day will herald new-found certainty, while for others, it will raise apprehensions about the coming months and years. Either way, we’ve reached the point of no return.” 
“But what next? This will be the question on the minds of many business leaders, particularly those in the tech sector. After all, 69 per cent of tech start-ups fear that Brexit will hinder their ability to hire the staff they need to help their business grow. So, as the UK and EU try to make sense of their new relationship, tech businesses must take steps to future-proof their strategies. Various plans of action can offer partial peace of mind in the post-Brexit frenzy. Opening a new office abroad or upskilling existing employees, for example, are viable options – so it’s worth doing your research.
“The UK tech sector is robust; this has been demonstrated time and time again. We must only look to record-breaking levels of VC investment being poured into the sector to realise its promise. However, the next few years won’t be plain sailing. Businesses should take heed of any, and all, advice on offer to ensure they remain competitive and adaptable.”

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