Beijer Group’s business entity, Westermo, has today acquired 100 per cent of the Swiss company Neratec Solutions AG, a technology company specialising in WLAN products, with a high focus on reliable and robust wireless communication solutions for the train and trackside sector.

“The acquisition of Neratec will strengthen Westermo’s offering to the railway industry, to include a wireless portfolio that we can channel via our worldwide sales network. Neratec in Switzerland will be our technology centre for industrial WLAN products within Westermo” says Jenny Sjödahl, CEO of Westermo.

“We are excited to join Westermo and Beijer Group. Our complementary technologies will create a very strong offering to the industry, and Westermo’s worldwide sales organisation will ensure a global market access” says Jussi Harju, Managing Director of Neratec Solutions.

“I am pleased that we today announce this first complementary acquisition to the business entity Westermo. Since the new strategy put in place 2016, we have proven our ability with high profitable organic growth and now we start to add on with acquisitions” says Per Samuelsson, President and CEO of Beijer Group.

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