A wide range of waterproof multi-pin circular connectors, with the majority housed in traditional coaxial style casings including N Type, Nim-Camac, SMA, TNC and C Type are available from Intelliconnect.

Up to 13-way connectors are available in industry standard shell styles, which simplify control panel design and improve ergonomics.

The company offers a cable assembly service for terminating cables to their multi-pin connectors. This simplifies design and purchasing requirements at the same time as ensuring the reliability of the connector assembly is maintained.

The UK manufactured connectors are waterproof to IP 68 in the unmated condition and for more demanding environmental requirements hermetically sealed versions are also available. The connector body may be specified in a number of materials and finishes to suit environmental conditions and design aesthetics.

For any requirements not available from the company’s standard range, custom designs will be undertaken with prototypes available in eight weeks from design drawing acceptance.

Typical applications for the waterproof multi-pin circular connectors include military, aerospace and medical, industrial, marine, oil and gas and rail traction systems.

Intelliconnect (Europe)