Sun Harvester is a fast-growing renewable energy company providing integrated solar panel and battery storage systems that provide AC power in off-grid areas. The company is particularly active in rural West Africa, where non-existent or poor quality infrastructure means that large areas have no access to a reliable electricity supply for hospital, commercial or domestic needs. The Zhyphen system is an integrated unit consisting of solar panels, control circuitry and battery storage.

Verotec are supplying customised versions of its standard 3U and 4U 19 inch rack cases in various depths for the inverters, control modules and field-replaceable battery modules, and are also supplying five different custom 19 inch panels for AC and DC connections, inverters and DIN Rail mounted equipment. The designs of each component were the result of a close collaboration between Verotec’s and Sun Harvester’s design teams, with Verotec looking to design an optimum solution from the initial written specification. Modified prototypes based on standard rack cases were initially produced and initial production quantities were subsequently manufactured.

The “plug and play” self-contained design enables Zhyphen to be installed in developing countries where high level electrical knowledge is scarce. Zhyphen systems are modular and scalable in size, with versions available in sizes to satisfy the power requirements of a single house, a group of houses or commercial premises.

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