UltraSoC has appointed Ryoden as its technical representatives in Japan to continue the growth of its on-chip cybersecurity and embedded analytics architecture, bringing these technologies to more Japanese electronics manufacturers, with particular interest paid to automotive specialists. Ryoden’s influence in Japan, both strategically and contactually, resulted in its selection by UltraSoC. This will build on UltraSoC’s presence in the country: its on-chip monitoring and analytics technology is already being deployed by companies such as Huawei, Seagate, Intel and Microchip. 

Over 70 years old and with over 2,000 partners in Japan, Ryoden has a long and successful track record in the country, as well as other parts of Asia. With more than 30 offices across all areas of Japan, Ryoden supports its principals and their customers in sectors including automotive, industrial and building control, energy and sensor technologies, where UltraSoC’s intelligent on-chip analytics can deliver benefits in terms of performance, reliability, or safety and cybersecurity.

Lisa Yang, VP, Asia Pacific at UltraSoC, commented: “We are excited about the opportunities ahead for us in Japan, and Ryoden presented us with a strong experienced engineering resource, combined with an unparalleled presence in the Japanese market – close to all of our current and target customers.”

Kazuhide Ichiki, general manager for device systems at Ryoden, added, “UltraSoC’s semiconductor IP is unique in its ability to provide development and in-life benefits to chip makers and system developers. Given the importance of predictable quality and reliability, and our country’s focus on safety and security, we expect UltraSoC’s architecture to be embedded into a growing number of Japanese designs in the coming years. We look forward to supporting the roll out of UltraSoC technology across Japan and working with UltraSoC’s global team.”

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