Solectrix‘ experts for high-performance image processing offer digital 3D upgrade kit for optical microscopes and image grabber systems

Be it a microscope-image or a wide-angle view image – imaging processes have become an indispensable part of production technology and quality assurance. German Solectrix GmbH now offers an upgrade kit, named sinaSCOPE, which digitalizes the analog image in real-time – permitting low latency and enabling lossless digital processing. And what is more, it offers the option to output the analog image in UHD quality on special 3D-monitors, which can be used without 3D-glasses. (

With the new robust 3D camera heads with 4K UHD resolution, highly sensitive Sony 11-mm sensors and a frame rate of up to 30 frames per second, the experts for high-performance image processing take the next step to make the entry into and switch to digital 3D imaging as easy as possible for a multitude of microscopy and image grabbing usecases. The users in front of this external 3D display, profit from being able to move freely, a more ergonomic workplace layout and fatigue-free working. Digitalizing the image, further enables discretionary retention and documentation processes. A multitude of measuring, auto-correction and automated evaluation modes can be implemented into the image processing system outfitted with the Solectrix sinaSCOPE platform.

The Solectrix GmbH team is known for its highly integrated 2D and 3D high-performance image data processing systems used in complex applications in various fields, like medical technology, automotive industry or industrial laser technology.

The sinaSCOPE product line


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Integrated Control Unit for 3D monitors


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Integrated Processing Unit for 3D monitors


4K C-Mount HQ camera set

Complete system with autostereoscopic 15.6? 3D monitor and Integrated Processing Unit

Solectrix GmbH is an embedded design house based in the Nuremberg/Fürth/Erlangen metro area with about 100 employees, specializing in high-performance image processing since 2005. In the movie field Solectrix made its name through its essential contribution to the successful first digital camera by ARRI, the ARRI ALEXA, as well as its original high-performance system sinaCAM that was used, among others, for mountaineering documentaries and numerous drone recordings. A popular automotive innovation from Solectrix is the image data processing for the world’s first fully digital mirror system for trucks. The SX proFRAME grabbing system is in use by nearly all name OEMs in the ADAS HiL field worldwide. Regarding medical technology, the experts for FPGAs, highly integrated system-on-chip and system-on-module solutions have created, among others, numerous controllers for innovative lab and measuring devices. (


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