u-blox builds on its offerings within the communication markets for automotive and industry with its new multiradio hardware. The JODY-W2 presents automakers with a wireless module: its specifications include a 13.8mm x 19.8mm footprint, allowing it to address the acute space constraints that car manufacturers now face, and an operating temperature range spanning from -40 to 105 degrees Celsius. It also has all the necessary ruggedness for atypical harsh in-vehicle and industrial environments.

Highly optimised for deployment in modern automobile infotainment, telematics systems, and industrial gateways, the JODY-W2 can provide an access point for connection with up to eight devices, offering enough bandwidth for video streaming via several devices at once. It has the capacity to support parallel transportation of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals, and can simultaneously act as an access point and as a station, or conduct peer-to-peer communication.

As Pelle Svensson, senior principal of product strategy, product strategy short range radio at u-blox, explains: “Connectivity is destined to be a key differentiator for car models in the coming years, and u-blox technology is clearly setting the pace here. Through our JODY platform, we are able to meet automotive OEMs’ requirements, and also address the subsequent aftermarket opportunities that are emerging. JODY-W2 sets new performance benchmarks and assures continued data security, while coping with the elevated temperatures and challenging operating conditions that are unavoidable in automotive and industrial environments.”

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