Hypertac has become an active member of the Alstom Transport Leading Partners programme (LP150).

The membership is the result of a one year development programme for anew type of electric connector; the environmentally sealed rectangular plastic REP connector. The new generation connector ensures a secure connection of any type of electrical equipment even in harsh environments.

The connector meets fire and smoke standards and has been qualified by the French Railways (SNCF) and Metro operators (RATP).

It allows the company new business opportunities with Alstom Transport as it can be used on all rolling stock lines.

The device is a multi pole sealed rectangular plastic connector, which provides quick, reliable and easy connection in electronic applications.

The series is available in 2, 6 and 12 ways with hyperboloid contacts and uses one contact for 24-12 AWG.

It offers up to 500 mating cycles and supports high-current rating up to 13A.