Whilst not at the very front-line of ventilator manufacturing, ATC Semitec are proud to be supporting our customers in their manufacture of equipment which is being supplied to the NHS at this particularly difficult time.

Whilst we stock a large range of small, fast response and accurate NTC thermistors which are used within medical devices, these 3 products provide an insight on how we with a number of UK manufacturers are supporting the NHS.


ATC Semitec SP High Accuracy Bead NTC

This small, fast, cost effective and interchangeable epoxy coated bead NTC thermistor, is being used within clinical instruments, medical sensors, and for temperature control of humidified air in ventilators.

They are ideal for these uses due to their fast-thermal response time and high accuracy, typically ±0.2K over 0 to 70°C.

With a typical operating range of -50°C to 150°C, even more accurate versions and interchangeability over a wider temperature range are available.


Semitec 103AT-2 Precision NTC Thermistor

The 103AT-2 NTC thermistors are proud to be doing their part in the battle against COVID 19. Semitec’s flagship product is widely used within portable rechargeable battery packs for medical devices as part of the battery fuel gauge circuit.


Virtually an industry standard, the 103AT-2’s popularity is due to its 1% accuracy, interchangeability, and as a result of its automated production gives high levels of repeatability and consistency. Additionally, their rigid lead frame aids assembly in p.c.b.s and temperature sensors.


Asahi Disc Thermostats

Whilst not strictly critical medical devices, our disc thermostats are used in catering equipment both in the NHS, and the new pop up hospitals.

These thermostats provide reliable, accurate temperature control and thermal protection. Ideal for either air or surface temperature sensing.

Asahi disc can be used from -20°C to +250°C, have high switching capacities up to 16A/250VAC with numerous fixing and termination options.

Automatic reset, manual reset and one-shot fuse options make this a very flexible range of disc thermostats.


We are proud to be working with and supporting these and many other companies, at the difficult time. If our technical expertise and product range can help you at any time – give us a call on 01606 871680.