Timestrip is experiencing increased demand for its ‘smart indicator’ technology as the coronavirus outbreak triggers major testing programmes and renewed hygiene measures across the world. Timestrip’s range of chemical-based indicators monitor temperature or time, and indicate when a specified condition is met.

Laboratories carrying out COVID-19 testing must follow guidelines from the World Health Organisation (WHO), which state that swab specimens must be stored and shipped at between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius. Preventing infection in health workers and avoiding the spread of COVID-19 amongst patients is critical, which is why Timestrip’s temperature indicators match this range, so that a temperature breach can be spotted quickly by attaching an irreversible indicator label to the specimen. When there is likely to be a delay in samples reaching the laboratory, other required measures include freezing the specimens to below -20 or ideally -70 degrees Celsius, and again, Timestrip products support this requirement.

“In common with many organisations, we are keen to do all we can to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic”, says Nora Murphy, commercial director of Timestrip: “Several of our standard products are designed to address the specific challenges of the response, and we are ready to develop any custom applications that may become necessary.”

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