The 15-minute coronavirus test is now available, to ease the strain caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare systems across Europe: this comes as world leaders look for solutions to combat the disease.

The tests detect the IgM and IgG antibodies response to the coronavirus, identifying if patients have contracted COVID-19 within minutes of testing. The technology, which has already been used in China, will improve the detection rate of patients carrying COVID-19, allowing doctors to test suspected carriers as soon as two days after suspected exposure.

As total coronavirus cases are set to surpass 240,000 worldwide today, it’s vital that these tests are made available immediately. Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed interest in procuring COVID-19 tests that are as “simple as a pregnancy test, which can tell whether you have had the disease and in its early days. If it works as its proponents claim, then we will buy literally hundreds of thousands of these kits as soon as practicable.”

The World Nano Foundation (WNF), through its partners, has formed a partnership with the Chinese developer of the test, to make them available across Europe. WNF believe that the tests should be offered to Governments first, as they are best positioned to prioritise the application of the tests, rather than have the supply taken up indiscriminately by the market (minimum orders involve 100,000 tests). 

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