When it comes soldering, whether for electronics assembly or for metal fabrication, use the best solder wires for the application.

What makes a good solder wire? For flux cored solders a flux chemistry that gives great wetting performance promoting oxide removal, heat transfer and solder flow and for all products solders that are made from high purity alloys to produce strong and reliable joint formation. Somerset Solders only supplies the very best solders and all from leading manufacturers.

For PCB assembly, we stock no clean, water soluble, rosin based and colophony free fluxed solders in gauges from 0.20mm. Soldering metals such as brass, bronze, copper, zinc, mild steel, and silver use one of our high active fluxed solders. For metal fabrication, plumbing and stained glass work use a solid core product with one of our liquid pre-fluxes.

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