element14, the Development Distributor, has announced the release of the New Autodesk EAGLE, which combines power, accessibility and affordability.

The Powerful, yet easy to use, PCB Design Software is a comprehensive Schematic, PCB and collaboration tool with a new routing engine, ultra-precise selection, and easy circuitry reuse. Engineers can use Autodesk EAGLE to deliver integrated ECAD/MCAD for designing smart products.

“As part of the Autodesk family I am very excited for the future of EAGLE. We have a bigger, stronger development team which in turn means we can make improvements more regularly, to keep you ahead of the technology curve”, said Matt Berggren, Director Autodesk Circuits, EAGLE, Tinkercad.

EAGLE will now be available through element14 as an annual subscription in either standard or premium versions. This opens up the possibility for consistently free updates, dedicated support through Autodesk and budgeting options for monthly or annual pricing. 

“As the largest global EAGLE distributor, the New Autodesk EAGLE strengthens our position as the destination for the latest engineering software for electronics and industrial engineers alike,” said Peter Wenzel, element14 Global Software Product Line Manager. “Our customers have anxiously awaited a new release of this product.  From a broad set of new features to subscription licensing transition our customer’s patience has paid off as the evolution of the product takes a significant step forward.”

“As the ‘Development Distributor’, element14 brings our customers closer to the world’s leading software companies to support their design journeys. The New Autodesk EAGLE will enhance element14’s portfolio of embedded, PCB, and mechanical software available on the element14 Design Center. All of the main categories of design software are available: integrated development environments & compilers, operating systems and middleware, EDA software, mechanical design software and test & simulation software. The Design Center provides customers with a streamlined software selection and purchasing experience with free software trials and multiple delivery options, including instantaneous eDelivery.”

Autodesk EAGLE is available from Farnell element14 in Europe, Newark element14 in North America and element14 in Asia Pacific.