A coupling with identical connection interfaces has been released by Stäubli Connectors. This coupling is specially designed for all types of large volume fluid transfer, including applications as diverse as refuelling and the cooling of electronics.

As both sides of the two mating ends of the VSU38 are the same this, allows hoses to be quickly linked together without reorientation, reducing the need to check and reposition hoses. As a result this can reduce handling time. It is simply a case of lining up the lugs and with a quarter turn connect quickly and safely.

The hose can rotate independently of the coupling, this ensures no stress or twist is applied to the hose, simplifying connection. The connectors are interlocked to ensure fluid flow only when both parts are connected and cannot be disconnected until the flow is shut off. At the heart of the connector is a spherical valve, which when open gives a full flow within a compact bore size. The connector also has a draining feature which permits the hoses to be fully drained when required.

A number of additional features have been included in the connector design to aid operator safety and the work environment; antistatic electrical continuity, secure valve opening and closing, and the ability to lock in the connected and open position.

This device is ideally suited to the petroleum industry and is ideal for refuelling applications of military vehicles.  The daisy chain connection facility enables long hose runs to be created quickly and easily.

TheVSU is suitable for use on vehicle cooling system connections, simplifying disconnection of large flow radiator water pipes without the need to drain and refill the cooling system.

The connector is also suited for application in cooling circuits for pump connection.  The ball valve design allows isolation of the system pump enabling maintenance or replacement without the need to interrupt the main circuit flow.  Shutting off the connector means the pump can then be safely uncoupled without any additional valves being required.  This has application in power convertors for wind turbines, data centres and telecoms.

Stäubli (UK)