TE Connectivity (TE) has expanded its well-established Micro-MaTch connector family. The new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors feature a more economical design to help meet customers’ need for less demanding applications in industrial, consumer and datacom industries. 

The new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors are built on the high quality Micro-MaTch connector system, and have been adapted to suit customer needs in environments where a broad temperature range, many mating cycles and vibration resistance are less applicable. The Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors offer a variety of wire-to-board interconnections.

The new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors, with their contact spacing of 1.27 mm, fully comply with today’s electronic packaging requirements. The line offers a range of board and wire connectors, enabling a variety of wire-to-board interconnections. The cable connectors accept all standard ribbon cables, or can be supplied in ready-to-use cable assemblies.

TE’s cable assemblies provide a high degree of customisation for maximum reliability, time savings and flexibility. The new Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors benefit customers with availability, fast delivery and guaranteed high quality standards for ultimate performance and reliability in all applications.

Introducing the Micro-MaTch Value-line connectors, Pieter Groels, product manager at TE Connectivity said: “Miniaturisation and the trend toward higher density of electronic functions on a substrate is leading to smaller interconnection systems. These miniature connectors help to save space on the printed circuit board – and offer the highest level of reliability.”

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