TDK Corporation has announced the introduction of TDK-Lambda’s QM4 series of AC-DC modular power supplies to the market, which intend to reduce the series’ footprint by 15 per cent. The series also features benefits, such as an increased number of outputs – up to ten with the optional, dual output standby/signal board – and low acoustic noise. 

The QM4 can deliver 650W of output power with a 180-264Vac input, and 550W of output power with a wide range 90-264Vac input. Output voltages from 2.8V to 105.6V can be specified. This provides a choice of one or two standby voltages (5V, 12V and 13.5V, at up to 2A), a PMBus communication interface, unit inhibit or enable, and an AC Good signal.

Importantly, the QM series has been authorised with medical and industrial safety certifications, suitable for use in a plethora of applications, in sectors ranging from test and measurement, communications and renewable energy. 

For more information on TDK-Lambda’s QM4 series, click here.