Form and function are two important factors when considering the design of something as physically practical as a handle. The importance of such an everyday object requires a strong ¬element of visual interest in its form as well as its function.

This duality of roles has been fulfilled by EMKA in the ¬design of their cabinet ¬handles. Two solutions from the company offer both aesthetic form – in a rugged, practical, tactile and ergonomic style, as well as delivering reliability and performance. The EMKA 1130 is an IP65 ¬recessed T- handle with clip. It is flush fitting and ¬importantly, also has a compression locking function which makes it suitable for -vibration prone applications such as road and rail transport. To enhance the design of a product the visual aspect must be fitting to the application. To this effect the company has developed the 1091 stainless steel heavy duty latch – available with key insert and/or padlock facility and offers ¬advanced ergonomic design – in this case for operation with gloved hands in cold environments and harsh conditions.