Swissbit collaborates with cash register solution suppliers, such as A3 Soft, AXASOFT, PC3000, Papaya POS and Solitea Pay in Slovakia to offer certified solutions for tamper-proof recording of POS (Point of sale) data . The Swissbit secure microSD card has recently been certified in Slovakia and allows easy system integration for both manufactures of traditional POS systems, as well as POS software providers for PCs or tablets. For existing POS systems, it is also a very cost-effective retrofit-solution. Swissbit also provides an SDK (Software Development Kit), drivers and support for Windows, Linux, Android and embedded systems.

“We fully understand the complex challenges faced by cash register manufacturers to provide legally compliant cash registers. The Swissbit fiscal product is ‘pluggable’ and therefore offers a uniquely flexible and easy-to-integrate fiscal solution. Development and production are done in-house and can be completely controlled and flexibly adapted to our customers’ requirements,” said Hubertus Grobbel, vice president security solutions at Swissbit AG. 

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