Glenair, Cinch, Quell EESeal and much more on Stand H9, Ricoh Arena, Coventry Oct 16-17
Exhibiting for the first time in the UK, Powell Electronics is a very well established supplier of connectors and other components for high-rel applications including defence, aerospace and industrial in the USA. Recently, the company has strengthened its European presence and will shortly move into a new logistics centre in Utrecht, Nl. At the Engineering Design Show, it will unveil new technologies from its manufacturing partners.
Superfly Ultraminiature Series 88 Connectors and Cordsets
AT EDS, Powell will debut Glenair Series 88 SuperFly® – claimed to be the only connector series in existence that delivers the weight-saving and performance advantages of nano-miniature, micro-miniature and AS39029 type (size #23) contacts in a hybrid package for battlefield communications, computing, and other high-performance applications.
The series combines the ‘perfect storm’ of high-performance contacts, shells, wires, termination and mating technologies. Devices are available in factory-terminated cordsets, single-ended pigtails, and PCB termination receptacles for complete flexibility in cable and box configurations. QDC and threaded SuperFly® cordsets can ship with a variety of cabling options, including ultra-flexible GhostWire or impedance-controlled twisted pairs for high-speed applications.
Other key franchises available from Powell and on display at EDS include:
EESeal®  EMI filter inserts that install in YOUR connector by hand in seconds, with no soldering. Get a FREE sample, designed & built to your needs, in under a week! 
ModICE® LE connector enclosures – a complete line of connector enclosures with integrated ferrite filtering that offer sealed packaging solutions for rugged electronic control modules.
Also prominent on the EDS booth will be products from Conesys, Ametek and Carlisle RF.