FCI has announces that its High Power Card Edge (HPCE) connector is now available in a straddle mount configuration. This provides a lower profile height option (2.8mm above the PCB surface) to facilitate even greater system airflow.

The connector features ultra-low contact resistance (<= 0.6 m2 after environmental exposure) for low connector power loss, increased linear current density (180A/inch with multiple contacts energised), a low profile height for increased system airflow and heat dissipation, a robust housing with touch-proof safety features, and mounting options to ensure proper mating and enhanced solder reflow.

The connector is rated to 9A per power contact beam (with multiple power contacts fully energised) without exceeding a 30°C temperature rise in still air.

The connector is based on cost-effective and reliable stamped-and-formed power contact technology.

The devices are available with power and signal contacts integrated into a single molded housing for power distribution and power control. The flexible, modular tooling approach used makes the product configurable in terms of number and placement of the power and signal contacts for custom power needs.