StoreDot has announced the formation of a new, independent company to drive the development of its wavelength conversion technology. The new business, named MolecuLED, will focus on the continued development of the technology in the TV and large display screen market, while exploring opportunities for transformative applications in industries such as horticulture and healthcare.

Due to the absence of heavy metals such as cadmium or indium, using chemically-synthesised organic compounds, it proves better for the environment, important considering current concerns surrounding the climate.

Speaking at the launch of MolecuLED, CEO Hezy Rotman, said: “MolecuLED’s unique properties mean it has the potential to bring about positive change to products and processes that people rely on for their very health and well-being – including crop production and the use of biomarkers in medical procedures. I’m excited to spearhead the next phase in development of this technology.”

StoreDot CEO, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, commented: “While utilising only purely organic molecules, MolecuLED wavelength conversion technology is comprised of disruptive compounds and solutions. As a result, MolecuLED has the potential to boost crop production by improving land utilisation and using light – both natural and artificial – more efficiently, thereby helping to reduce global carbon emissions. The decision to launch MolecuLED as a stand-alone company will ensure the technology is given the focus and resources it needs to achieve mass-market penetration quickly and cost effectively.”

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