CONTA-CLIP presents the new PushIn terminal series PRK.  The comprehensive range provides users with a number of design improvements on conventional PushIn terminals and satisfies even very demanding requirements regarding ease of use and mechanical stability. The PushIn connection ensures a safe, tool-free insertion of rigid wires or wires with end sleeves and significantly reduces the time spent on wiring. 

For a quick release of inserted wires, the terminals are equipped with a pusher that requires only slight pressure and no special tools, although the PushIn-springs provide high contact force for the wire connections. Improving on conventional PushIn terminals, accidental incorrect insertions of wires are made impossible due to the physical separation of the insertion channel and pusher. The completely new internal layout with large contact surfaces and fixed metal parts ensures a high current-carrying capacity with low heat build-up, mechanical toughness and an absolutely secure hold of the compact terminals. All potentials have a test point for easy measurement.

PRK range feed-through and PE terminals are available for six nominal cross-sections from 1.5mm² to 16mm² in versions with two, three and four-wire connectors suitable for wire cross section from 0.34mm2 to 25mm2. The protective-conductor terminals are equipped with a foot contact on both sides to ensure maximum electrical and mechanical reliability. In addition, CONTA-CLIP offers the plug-in cross-connection system PQI for quick and convenient potential distribution. Standard terminals with rated cross-sections from 1.5mm2 to 10mm2 can route two potentials within the two cross-connection channels. All insulating materials used in the PRK series are free of harmful substances and meet the V-0 self-extinguishing fire classification according to UL 94. 

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