PCB hardware product ranges from Harwin have just got bigger with the introduction of nine new EZ-Spring Contacts.

Also known as Spring Fingers or Grounding Contacts, these devices are designed for easy assembly onto PCBs, and are used as grounding or shielding contacts, in situations where they have to be fitted to metal frames or shields.

They are suitable for both wiping and sliding action and the individual clips are supplied in tape and reel packaging for automated placement.

They have the potential to reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating time-consuming secondary assembly operations so are a beneficial product choice.

The devices join the company’s existing range of RFI/EMI spring contacts and are available in a variety of different styles.

The solution features uncompressed heights of between 1.7mm and 7.0mm providing good design flexibility, whilst reasonable spring properties support electrical connection/grounding made between a PCB and various other electronic components – other PCBs, speakers, fans, aerials, shields etc – even if the equipment is subject to vibration. A variety of plating finishes, including gold and tin are offered.

 “These EZ- Spring Contacts take up minimal space on a PCB and are mechanically strong, capable of providing a good electrical connection that can be easily mated and separated many times. More, they provide a low cost solution being auto-placeable by industry-standard equipment,” said Manager, Paul Gillam.

This particular product range finds successful use in the majority of industry sectors, across a wide range of products including mobile and smart phones, sat navs, MP3 players, cameras and video systems, tablet PCs, laptops, PCs, brown and white goods, medical and industrial equipment.