Solectrix are providing solutions in the field of highly integrated electronics and high-speed microprocessor assemblies with complex user interfaces and programmable logic. Since 2017, Solectrix has been cultivating a growing catalogue of FPGA, SOM, camera and board products, which are mainly used in high-performance image processing. 

At this year’s Embedded World show 2020 in Nuremberg, Solectrix will present the third generation of the SX proFrame HIL and ADAS image data grabber systems to EW20 – providing faster data rates of up to 40 Gbit, and even more connectable camera heads.

Solectrix will provide insights into the mirror replacement system, which has just gone into serial production in the Mercedes Actros in the summer of 2019. This Digital VisionSystem (DVS) is a customised and individually developed solution by Solectrix and its customer MEKRA Lang. It is considered to set the current benchmark for mirror replacement systems due to its combination of image quality and functional safety. Information on the next generation of the system and further application options – in areas such as agricultural technology or construction machinery – is available at the Solectrix booth. 

Concerning Solectrix’ dedication to the SMARC standard, the company’s SMARC portfolio has just seen two brand-new additions: A revised SMARC 2.0 carrier board in eNUC format (“Embedded NUC”) for accommodating CPU and FPGA modules, providing a slot for M.2 memory or communication modules. 

Second, there will be a new SMARC module – called SXoM MS2-ZU – which will be available as of March. This module features a high-performance, scalable FPGA of the Xilinx UltraScale+-MPSoC series with ARM CPUs, up to 350,000 logic cells and broad memory connectivity, which can precisely process applications in the fields of real-time communication, image processing and algorithms – just to name some.

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