In spring `21 Solectrix will deliver new test equipment for glasses-free 3D digital microscopy, a brand new frame grabber starter kit for HIL/ADAS beginners as well as helpful mobile development packages. 

The fully integrated video capture starter kit is ideal for use as a data logger for validation of ADAS/AD functions for recording up to 4 camera data streams. The preconfigured plug-and-play kit consists of a PC – compact, rugged and temperature resistant – with SX proFRAME 3.0 video grabber card already mounted with a camera adapter and a camera. The software framework ROS (alternatively ADTF 3) is already installed and preconfigured for video capture operation.

The core of the kit is the latest generation SX proFRFAME 3.0 of the video grabber and playback system from Solectrix, which is widely used in the automotive industry for the validation of ADAS/AD functions. A modular plug-in card for either PCIe or CPCI S.0 systems with 2 slots for camera adapters with up to 40 Gbit/s each.

Fully integrated Mobile Device Development Starter Kit

This powerful video-grabber system is ideal for beginners. A pre existing Solectrix development kit for mobile devices as well as an FPGA development kit are also available as an entry into a variety of highly integrated designs. An update of the this starter system for mobile devices and specialist medical mobile devices will also be released by Solectrix this spring in a totally preconfigured plug-and-play version.

sinaSCOPE compact eases entry into 3D digital microscopy

Another SX-solution ideal for easy entry into new, digital imaging worlds – such as in the medical or industrial sectors – is the new sinaSCOPE Compact from Solectrix. Users will be able to borrow a sinaSCOPE test device and test it in practice. 4K colour camera heads developed by Solectrix will replace the eyepieces of the analog microscope. The image captured in this way is displayed on Solectrix’s own 3D monitor without any delay and without the need for 3D-glasses.