Siemens have announced the Simcenter System Analyst, a collaborative solution that brings minds together for the creation of industry-specific applications to drive system simulation models. Simcenter System Analyst assists in the deployment of system simulations, expanding model usage to all levels of users, and helping ensure model continuity without changing the internal processes. 

“The platform powered by Simcenter System Analyst is meant to federate different expertise domains and different systems engineers, enabling teams that haven’t collaborated to sit together and communicate on their engineering issues to find common solutions,” said Eric Chauvelier, method and simulation manager for hybrid and electric systems in the test and digital department for Renault. 


Today, project engineers need a simple yet effective solution to run multiple variant analyses, for weighing up design choices and balancing mechatronic systems’ performances. With Simcenter System Analyst, project engineers can focus on technology matching with regards to final product requirements, and not on model creation. This technology can expand system simulation model reuse to project teams, maximising returns from the development of the model itself. 


The easy to use environment offers an industry-specific approach: product engineers without CAE skills can directly set up simulation models and perform multi-attribute analysis in a few clicks, leading to an enhanced evaluation to meet local market specificities, without compromising quality and performance.


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