Siemens is helping the world-famous Hallé orchestra cut its costs by 35 per cent through energy reduction. This has been achieved through an integrated digital solution – a three-storey extension known as the Oglesby Centre – which will enable the monitoring of core environmental attributes, for the appropriate adjustment to achieve optimal conditions. Meanwhile, Siemens’ Green Leaf controls notifies the room user of unnecessary energy consumption to encourage them to actively save energy. Ultimately, this is beneficial to the orchestra and it balances the acoustics for performers and the audience.

Robin Phillips, Siemens Manchester site director, said: “For more than 20 years, Siemens and the Hallé have worked closely together to find new and innovative ways of partnering on projects that present the links between engineering and music. With tens of thousands of people visiting the venue each year, the Hallé needed an intelligent system which responds to changes in the building in real time and is easy to control. The technology we have installed allows the building to talk, tell us how it feels, if it is under stress, what it is missing. It also functions discreetly behind the scenes, without compromising the performer or audience experience, or the integrity of the design. It has been fantastic to be able to bring together our experts in our Building Technologies and Smart Infrastructure division to create a safe, comfortable and highly energy efficient building.”