Sick has unveiled its next-generation family of smart photoelectric light array sensors, the RAY10 and RAY26, to reliably detect difficult-to-see objects in electronics and surface mount production. 

The Sick RAY10 and RAY26 Reflex Array Sensors create a wide 2D light band to reliably detect small, flat, clear or irregularly-shaped objects with protrusions, or leading edges, that are just a few millimetres thick. For example, the multi-tasking sensors can be used to check the correct position of tape feeder trays in an SMT pick and place machine, or to monitor for printed circuit boards protruding from magazine buffers. 

Where complex configuration of multiple sensors, or costly light grids, might previously have been needed to obtain reliable results, the compact RAY10 or RAY26 sensors achieve high levels of performance in a fraction of the space and set-up time.  

“The RAY10 and RAY26 Reflex Array sensors are a new proposition for integrating even the most challenging detection tasks in electronics and surface mount applications,” explains David Hannaby, Sick’s UK product manager for presence detection: “The sensors also offer all the benefits of smart diagnostics and IO-Link integration, while halving the costs of detection compared to conventional solutions.”

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