Simark Controls, a subsidiary of SFC Energy, has signed a partnership agreement with Axsera for the commercialisation of EFOY Pro fuel cell solutions for telecommunication applications across North America. Axsera, a trusted provider of technical services, telecommunications and remote power solutions with a vast industry network, will sell EFOY Pro solutions to provide highly reliable, fully autonomous power to critical off-grid telecommunications equipment in Canada and the U.S.

The EFOY Pro solutions are used to ensure reliable operation of remote devices in any season and weather. In the context of the partnership agreement, Simark will integrate the robust EFOY Pro fuel cells into numerous turnkey autonomous, fully automatic and highly reliable EFOY Pro solutions for Axsera’s customers.

“Our EFOY Pro solutions are fast becoming a gold standard for reliable off-grid power, in various vertical markets e.g. security, oil & gas and telecommunications , where power reliability is critical”, says Martin Curtis, managing director of Simark Controls and president of oil & gas of SFC Energy. “There are three reasons for their growing success: They are flexible and can be customised/hybridised for 100 per cent power reliability in even the most demanding application requirements. They are fully autonomous over long periods of time, enabling significant cost and logistics savings. And they feature ultimate environmental friendliness, helping operators meet environmental laws and regulations.”

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