Semtech, supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductors and advanced algorithms, has announced that Axino Solutions, software and systems integrator for the planning and implementation of comprehensive IT solutions, has introduced Semtech’s LoRa devices and wireless radio frequency technology to its smart refrigeration solutions, to track food temperature for the food retail industry: as an example of its application, Migros, Switzerland’s largest supermarket chain, has deployed Axino’s Semtech supported solution into its branches, globally. 

In the food retail industry, food must be carefully monitored to ensure shelf life is maximised and it remains safe to consume. Additionally, food often has a long journey, traveling from a temperature-controlled warehouse to the final shelf. Many factors over the course of this journey may affect food safety and quality, including improper handling by personnel and inaccurate refrigerator calibration. Luckily, Axino’s LoRa-based temperature sensors can be deployed, simply, into the refrigeration infrastructure through a magnet with no external wiring. The sensor monitors core temperature data in real-time, accurate to one degree Celsius. Sensors can be preprogrammed to adjust individual refrigerator unit temperatures, thereby maintaining a consistent temperature and keeping food safe. Real-time data evaluation and autonomous refrigeration adjustment help eliminate human error, prolong food shelf life and save customers money.

“Semtech’s LoRa Technology is an enabling platform that provided us with a resilient wireless signal to be able to roll out our solution, with the right plug-and-play characteristics for an easy to deploy and maintain solution,” said Ihab Hourani, CTO at Axino Solutions: “LoRa Technology allows for accurate and consistent monitoring of temperature data. Axino’s artificial intelligence algorithms subsequently utilise this data to predict core temperatures of different food items, automatically adjusting temperature levels to comply with safety regulations. As a result, customers reduce their amount of wasted product and increase their return on investment.” 

Axino will be presenting at the LoRa Alliance’s LoRaWAN Live and Market Place. Click here to learn more.