Toposens’ TS3 3D ultrasonic sensor has hit the market, suited to applications ranging from the automotive to object and environmental detection. With a wide field of view of up to 160 degrees, the technology intends to mimic the echolocation attribute of bats and dolphins, used for navigation and orientation in the wild. 


The new TS3 sensor assembles specifically selected hardware components with proprietary signal processing algorithms. Systems benefit from its real-time processing capabilities: data transmission bandwidth and power consumption should be kept low, which is especially important for battery powered robots.


Use cases include home cleaning robots and delivery/service robots. The TS3 sensor enables them to reliably map an environment with minimal processing power, localising themselves in predefined maps to execute complex path planning algorithms. 


“Because our new “Bat Vision” TS3 sensor is compact, affordable and integration-ready,” explains Tobias Bahnemann, MD of Toposens: “Engineers can easily add it to their sensor stacks, to replace or complement their existing optical sensing systems, providing both redundancy and an improved level of accuracy, compared to standard ultrasonic sensors in various autonomous navigation applications.”


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