A new range of M12 panel mount connectors have been released by Binder UK that feature screw clamp contacts and a two-part body.  The company advises these devices are designed for when connectors are mounted after connection has been made to the device and the cable bundle or single wires protrude from the front panel. It adds that,  the rear of the body of these new connectors mounts either to a panel cut-out using a M20 thread or via a lock nut.

In addition the company highlights, the wires are terminated via screw contacts in the insert mounted in the front of the body that can be located in one of four positions to control the direction of cable outlet and the connector can then be assembled.

Adding that, these A-coded M12 interface connectors provide easy mounting in field applications, are available in 4, 5 and 8-pole male and female format and provide protection to IP67 when mated.

Binder UK