Schneider Electric, specialist in digital transformation, energy management and automation, is exhibiting at Rail Live 2019, and hosting two seminars at the Facilities Show 2019. 

At Rail Live, at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre, Schneider will display their latest rail solutions, such as their latest signalling power systems and rolling stock sensors, arriving at a significant time for the market: private sector investment in rail is said to have reached an all-time high of £1.3 billion. 

At the Facilities Show, Schneider’s seminars will cover subjects surrounding ‘smart’ devices and technology: what it means to possess and facilitate a smart building, how one can leverage the benefits of smart technology for increased connectivity within the workplace, and how digitisation enables this kind of connectivity, formulating a digital ecosystem. 

“Our presence at Rail Live reaffirms our commitment to the rail industry, and our belief that demand for innovation in transport has never been higher” said Peter Selway, rail segment marketing manager at Schneider. 

“At the Facilities Show, we want to explain the benefits of breaking down silos and connecting all of a building’s most important functions. IoT technology and control software and applications can improve occupant experience, reduce costs and increase output. The event is a great opportunity for us to communicate Schneider Electric’s vision of what a smart building should be” adds Lars Henneke, global commercial VP of digital energy services at Schneider. 

For more info on both events, click the relevant link: Facilities Show, Rail Live

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