Schneider Electric has joined the newly formed ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance as a Founding Member. The Alliance has been assembled to advance cybersecurity readiness and awareness in worldwide manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities and processes. Bringing together end-user companies, technology and systems vendors, IT infrastructure vendors, services providers, system integrators and other organisations, the Alliance will proactively address growing and emerging cyber threats.

“Our goal is always to help our customers maximise their profitability, safely, efficiently and reliably. That means doing all we can to protect them from cyber-harm,” said Nathalie Marcotte, senior vice president, industrial automation services, Schneider Electric: “The Global Cybersecurity Alliance is a great fit for us because of its international scope and open appeal. Participating as a Founding Member will strengthen our collective ability to detect, prevent and respond to cyber threats, while further helping our customers in every sector, better secure their assets and operations and improve business performance. We are confident the Alliance will expand our ability to deliver value to all of our customers, regardless of industry, segment or region.”


“As the industry confronts escalating, innovative and dangerous cyber-attacks, every organisation interested in securing our global infrastructure should collaborate to improve how end-users defend themselves,” said Mary Ramsey, executive director of ISA: “We are pleased Schneider Electric joined as our first Founding Member. They and all our Founding Members have the commitment and ambition to enable safe and secure operations. We look forward to working with organisations of all kinds to drive needed change.”


Led by its members, who will establish its priorities, the Global Cybersecurity Alliance will advance the development of new standards-based defensive strategies that ensure people, processes and technology are cyber-ready and better protected. Its objectives include:

  • Sharing knowledge and information in an open environment;
  • Expanding advocacy and outreach to governments, regulatory agencies and stakeholder organisations around the world;
  • Accelerating standards of development and adoption;
  • Extending the ISA 62443 series of standards to relevant markets, helping specific industry verticals apply the standards;
  • Providing best practice tools to help companies navigate the entire lifecycle of cybersecurity protection.

Multiple industry leaders, including Claroty, Nozomi, Johnson Controls, Rockwell Automation and Honeywell, have also joined the Alliance as Founding Members. For more information on this campaign, click here. Otherwise, visit Schneider Electric’s website at: