The new ecosine evo filters, FN 3440/41-250-119 and FN 3450/51-315-119, follow the same features as the existing ecosine evo series: with and without DC-link choke, achieving five per cent THDi at rated power, minimal capacitive current at partial load, and available in an IP00/IP20 enclosure, with a compact design and wall mounting options.

Ecosine evo filters meet the requirements of IEEE-519 and other stringent international power quality standards. A new component, a switch (circuit breaker), is integrated in the filter, which ensures the safety of the device under all operation circumstances. When the filter is overloaded or short circuited, the switch will release (switch off), and the capacitors will be disconnected from the system.

Ultimately, the ecosine evo filter series presents a unique modular concept, tailored to each application and customer needs in term of functions and installation, aligning product offerings with the international market requirements and customer expectations.

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