Enhanced zSFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable Plus) SMT (Surface Mount Technology) 20-circuit connectors have been developed by Molex Incorporated.

The devices deliver a good level of functionality in high-speed telecom and data communications equipment.

The solution is designed for 25Gbps serial channels in high-speed Ethernet and Fibre Channels. They are scalable for next-generation applications and provide advanced electromagnetic interference (EMI) and signal integrity (SI) margins in 10 and 16Gbps channels.

The connectors are backward compatible and share the same mating interface and EMI cage dimensions as the previous generation of devices.

They feature a preferential coupling design using insert moulding and a narrow edge-coupled blanked and formed contact geometry for optimised signal, mechanical and electrical performance while reducing resonance compared to current.

Components of the new interconnect system include: zSFP+ SMT 20-circuit connectors, stacked integrated connectors and passive optical cable assemblies among others; and features the same PCB footprint, mating interface and EMI cage dimensions for current SFP+ form factor host board designs.

Molex Incorporated