Sakor Technologies has announced its latest series of dynamometer systems, for the testing and verification of efficiency in electric motors, by the rule of national and international standards such as IEC 60034-2-1 and IEEE 112B.

As part of the global effort to reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions, regulators are improving energy efficiency, and tightening standards, for the billions of small, medium, and large electric motors used around the world. These regulations specify how to ensure that motors meet the efficiency standards that have come into effect or are being phased in. First in line for regulation are induction motors; it is likely that permanent magnet motors will be regulated in the coming years, followed later by inverter driven motors.

The new line of Sakor motor testing dynamometers offers high-accuracy testing for designers and manufacturers of electric motors of any size, for use in applications ranging from large industrial equipment to consumer appliances, including fans, refrigerators and washing machines. They have been optimised to ensure effective data precision and accuracy. Capable of precisely measuring motor efficiency, these dynamometers provide an essential tool to engineers seeking to reduce fossil fuel consumption and enhance energy efficiency to meet strict environmental standards and regulations.

“We have worked hard to define this line of systems to give the maximum utility per machine, and make it most cost-effective for the customer,” said Randal Beattie, president of Sakor: “By optimising equipment to test the widest range of motor sizes with one system, while staying within required accuracy levels, customers will need to buy the fewest number of machines at the lowest total cost.” 

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