Combining DDS and TSN offers significant performance through end-to-end communications from the system to the network

Real-Time Innovations (RTI) the largest software framework provider for smart machines and real-world systems, and SoC-e, the worldwide leading supplier of Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) communication technology and solutions, jointly announce a new partnership. The two companies will provide integrated Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) and TSN solutions for companies looking to optimize communications performance over distributed systems.

Connext DDS is now integrated into the Relyum portfolio of DDS-TSN products which provides determinism, reliability, scalability and availability for critical systems. Combined, DDS and TSN allow connectivity networks to converge towards a single commodity hardware solution for real-time exchange of all data. 

Connext DDS provides a standardized data exchange between applications built from separate components. With the addition of TSN, real-time traffic is delivered over the same Ethernet and users can enforce real-time Quality of Service (QoS) for critical traffic flows, simplifying the network structure. The combination of DDS and TSN also makes it possible to specify and enforce QoS in distributed systems, allowing system administrators to define the reliability of flows, latency budgets, deadlines, durability requirements and data lifespan, among other factors. In time-sensitive applications, together, TSN and DDS result in significant savings to applications in Industrial Automation, Energy and Aerospace & Defense domains. 

For distributed systems that involve coordinated action at multiple endpoints, DDS and TSN improve interoperability, bandwidth and performance, all packaged in a modern architecture that allows developers to build robust distributed systems that can evolve over time.

“Critical systems demand high-availability, interoperability, real-time operation and higher data-throughput in their communications. DDS and TSN allow developers to achieve these goals while simplifying the required infrastructure. This partnership that joins the expertise of RTI and SoC-e in these fields allows offering our customers a reliable single-point-of-contact for these challengeable projects.” said Armando Astarloa, Chief Executive Officer at SoC-e.

“Companies need a reliable ecosystem of technology that enables development of comprehensive and coordinated solutions,” said Gerardo Pardo, Chief Technology Officer at RTI. “Together, RTI and SoC-e are leading the way in combining these powerful communication capabilities while reducing costs to our mutual customers. We’re looking forward to working with SoC-e to provide our customers with the convenience and performance they need to ensure end-to-end, proven and reliable real-time data throughout their systems.”