Rolec’s standard and customisable cases now come with the option for windows for standard display modules and panels. This suits their applications, all of which require that visual requirement – command electronics, IoT/IIoT, Industry 4.0, smart factory technology, process automation and machine control.

Firstly, there’s the profiPanel HMI enclosures, recently announced. Both come with the option of a suspension arm or wall pivot, which, in combination with the display window, suits companies such as Siemens, Beckhoff and more. 

Rolec’s aluDisc (IP66/67) can be mounted, ‘lid closed’, to protect the seal and electronics during installation. The lid can be machined for displays and an optional hinged cover is available to provide extra protection. 

These mounting capabilities continue with the starCase (IP66) range, on walls, bulkheads or machines – these enclosures can also be installed ‘lid closed’. Hinged covers conceal and protect the fixing and lid screws; these enclosures can be supplied fully machined to suit standard industrial display modules fitted into the lid. The same applies for the polyDoor GRP enclosures (highly resistant to chemicals).

As well as providing windows for display panels, Rolec’s customising service also includes CNC machining for connections and controls, painting, printing of legends and logos, laser processing, EMC shielding, special materials, membrane keypads and full assembly.

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