ROHM has made an announcement – its 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) are ready to go to market, optimised for a sector that is currently peaking in interest: automotive, for applications that include powertrains and xEVs. This comes from the already proven RBxx8 lineup of SBDs, enabling high temperature operation in the automotive market (use cases had started and been proven successful in Japan). Some of its proposed benefits include an ultra-low leakage current, able to withstand voltages rising as high as 200V; it can also improve forward voltage (VF) characteristics, reducing application power losses and subsequently allowing for miniaturisation, reducing heat generation and ultimately contributing to greater space savings.

In recent years, the technological trend in drive systems for 48V mild hybrids is mechanical integration, in which the motor and peripheral circuits are combined into a single module. This demands high efficiency and high voltage SBDs capable of stable operation at high temperatures. At the same time, higher voltage SBDs are required in systems utilising conventional 150V components to increase functionality and reliability.

ROHM has been offering the RBxx8 lineup of ultra-low IR SBDs that withstand up to 150V compatible with high temperature automotive environments. This latest series adds 200V models to meet the new automotive requirements.

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