Lane Electronics, a UK supplier of electrical and electronic connector solutions, has available the Positronic GMTC connector series which is designed specifically for rack and panel applications. According to Lane, these connectors are used extensively in applications that demand high reliability including Navigational Systems, Rolling Stock, Medical Equipment, Instrumentation & Process Control.

These are high quality, rugged devices that can terminate a variety of wire gauges in a single connector. With a maximum current per contact of up to 13A, GMTC connectors can accommodate contact sizes 16 or 20 in 16 configurations and are seen as an ideal option for use as a ruggedised power connector.

A select number of GMTC models are certified to MIL-DTL-28748 and SAE AS39029 making them suitable for a variety of mission critical applications and, for aircraft installations, a grounding block connector is available.

Multiple keying is an option and terminations available for wire are crimp and solder cup and for PCB, solder and press fit.

Lane is an ideal source for all key connector types including circular, filtered, RF, coaxial, sub – miniature, backshells and adaptors, D connectors, aerospace, test and measurement, IDC, PCB connectors, edge connectors and connectors for rack and panel applications.