Riedon is expanding its line of high-power wirewound resistors with a new series of rugged, metal-clad braking resistors that deliver high levels of performance and a reduction in the need for heatsinking.

The devices target a range of industrial and other commercial applications, including motor drives, power conversion systems, HVAC systems, and battery charging and monitoring applications.

Encased in aluminum, the new BR series offers power ratings from 60 to 500W, and is available in three different mechanical constructions. Highly durable and rugged components, they provide improved heat transfer and short-circuit performance. They are also significantly less sensitive to heatsink requirements than a comparable TO-packaged device of a similar power rating, many of which may require a cold plate to operate at the same rated power.

The BR series’ high level of performance is largely due to the use of ceramic cores rather than fiberglass: ceramic delivers benefits over fiberglass in efficiency, by dealing with heat more effectively. Although ceramic is traditionally more expensive, the new series is competitive as an alternative performance/price option for industrial power designers and engineers.

Available in flat (BR) or tall (BRT) series versions, other features include a resistance range from 0.1O to 1kO, tolerances of 1, 5 and 10 per cent, making the series suitable for a range of applications, a withstand voltage of 2500V AC, good long-term stability with a TCR of less than ±260ppm maximum, quick-connect terminations and an operating temperature range from –55 to +200 degrees Celsius.

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