Reliable Secondary Protection for Battery Packs

in High-Current Applications from ATC Semitec

Safe operation is the top priority for Li-ion batteries. While conventional current fuses only offer protection against high current incidents, the SCHOTT SEFUSE® D6SE-45 Battery Logic Fuse provides additional protection against overcharging.

These miniature surface mount battery logic fuses reliably cut off in case of overcurrent during discharge or overcharge. Excessive discharge currents will blow the fuse in a conventional manner.  If there is an over-current condition during charging, then the D6S’s built-in heater is triggered by the FET linked to the battery’s secondary protection IC.  This integral heater then helps to blow the fuse circuit and protects the Li-ion battery.

Available from ATC Semitec, these SEFUSE® Battery Logic Fuses enable improved Li-ion battery safety in applications requiring 45A currents, such as rechargeable battery packs for garden/power tools, cordless, robotic household appliances, energy storage systems, e-bikes, and e-motorcycles. 

  • Compatible with up to 14 cells
  • Suitable for high currents
  • Extremely thin and compact design – 9.5mm x 5.0mm x 1.7 mm
  • Available in embossed tape.


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